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Biden says test is coming...

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Biden says test is coming... Empty Biden says test is coming...

Post  nazman Tue Oct 21, 2008 10:43 pm

Joe Biden during a campaign rally stated that the next president will test militarily in the first 6 months of office. Just this statement opens the door to so many questions like...

As I know each candidate is briefed on national security does he know this for a fact?

If we are attacked who will make the decisions if he an BO are in office? He has stated he will be right next to BO on crucial national security issues. Should we trust a loud mouth like him?

Does Biden realize that comments like this put the ball in McCains Court?

If he doesn't realize it... is he playing the fear factor?

If he does have a crisis, will he act like Bill or George? (I like Bill on everything but foreign policy. I voted for him... but he was as bad as Carter on that)

In the same speech Biden compared BO to JFK. Other than being articulate isn't there more differences with JFK than similarities?

As I am still pain... My typing is a little limited.... so I will leave it here for all of you to ponder.


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