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Economic Bailout Passes

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Economic Bailout Passes Empty Economic Bailout Passes

Post  nazman on Sat Oct 04, 2008 1:29 am

Once again our failing congress has ignored the will of the people. They apparently know what is best for us, as we don't know jack. I suppose we don't know jack and the 230 economists who signed a letter begging them not to do don't know jack either.

Did the market go booms today? Nope? Does more regulation and CEO limits cure it. Nope. Socialism is closer each day. I know we had to do something to help the market.... or did we? In market sense what goes up must go down and vice versus. Investors such as Warren Buffet are the ones that buy and invest in times like this. Well Fargo wants to buy Wachovia, absolve their debt and submit a cure to part of this crisis on their own. The market would have cured itself, and with a little change in regulations it would have become stronger.

Now our government owns the notes to their citizens homes and debts. Personal responsibility takes another dump. If you get taxed too much for making money, have limits on what you are allowed to make, and being told how to make it or lose it are a sign of things to come... I only see socialism. Scary, but true. This congress after two years of failure has only added one more to its list. This congress who was elected to end a war (and hasn't), fix our economy, and promote CHANGE (whatever that means) has done none of the above.

What has changed?
Gas Prices: nearly doubled
National Debt: Larger than ever
The War: Winning without their help (thanks to great commanders and troops)
Bi-Partisianship: Alive and strong with the wicked witch of washington speaking her mind like a bad looking stripper among drunks.
Education: Still lost with no child left behind... unless they catch up... and then get left behind.
Energy: What's that? They had a plan. What plan? My electric bill went up October 1st 15%

Regardless of your presidential view... If you want change... real change... the only hope is to boot this scum suckers out of office. All of them. Vote against the incumbent unless your choice is a Hamas member. Nothing will change for the better so long as members like Pelosi, Alexander, Corker, Boehner, and Barney Frank are in the house and senate. I will vote out anyone I can. I hope you do to. Rise cheers up and fight back.

A 5 page bill is now 430. Too much to read for me. I guess everybody gets something... We get screwed.

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Economic Bailout Passes Empty Re: Economic Bailout Passes

Post  bleuze on Sat Oct 04, 2008 5:25 pm

I agree with you 100%. Does anyone think that the government ever comes under their estimate?
First it was $200 billion for Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac
Next it is $300 billion for those who can't control their spending and live above their means
Then $85 billion for an insurance company that doesn't have any business in holding mortgages of homes
NOW $700 billion
I also understand that they are talking about $700 billion not being enough and that it also covers banks etc outside the country, such as Fortis (?)
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High School

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