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I love America because...

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I love America because... Empty I love America because...

Post  nazman on Sat Aug 30, 2008 2:42 pm

I love this great land of ours. Our living constitution that allows us to fix or wrongs and allows us to improve or imperfect nation. I love how thousand will head to the gulf coat to help after Gustav hits to help people they do not know. I love this nation as our republic can have a black man, senior citizen, a unknown woman, and a widower fight in the ring of public opinion to run us. Only in America. I love thins country because I am entitled to my opinion, and as I so often do, I have the right to express it. We have the right to like or dislike, pray or not pray, vote or not vote, and we each have our right to life, to live as we choose (within the law.. or not). I love America for the opportunities it afford its people and the hope that lies deep in our roots that we will always seek to improve.

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I love America because... Empty Re: I love America because...

Post  shevot on Wed Sep 10, 2008 11:12 am

  • I Love America because there is no other nation on earth that is as moral as we are. Everyone has their flaws, but we as a nation have integrity, even at war, we insist on being just and fair to people who hate us and would not return the favor.
  • I Love America because this is the ONLY country on earth in which anyone can come here and become one of us. Yes, I could move to Germany but no matter how long I live there, I will never be "German" no matter how long I live in Japan, I will never be "Japanese" But ANYONE can come here and become an AMERICAN.
  • I Love America because this is the freest nation in the world. We have our rights GUARANTEED by the Constitution and I know that no matter who is in power, my rights can never be trampled on. There is a peace of mind knowing that your family and your property is safe.
  • I love America because we are the most giving people. We give to each other, we give to other nations, and we are so giving that we feel a moral obligation to help those less fortunate.
  • I love America because I know that I have neighbors in all of my fellow citizens that will stand together and defend our country to the death. I saw this after 9/11 when all came together no matter what race or ethnicity and proclaimed our love for this great country. We are a proud people!

I still remember the first time I felt the pride of being an American. I was in first grade and was learning the song "I'm Proud to be an American." When were were growing up in grade school we had to learn all of the patriotic songs that we sing, America the Beautiful, This Land is Your Land, The Star Spangled Banner...I'm not sure if the kids are being taught these as much as we were. I went to a middle class black elementary school and we had a lot of army veterans in the community, I think there was more pride instilled in the 80's, just my observation. I also come from a military home, both parents army vets, and a ton of navy vets in the family.
But is important to teach our children the lyrics to the songs, and teach them pride. Because although no nation in perfect, America is as close as it gets.
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